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Thermal shock

An efficient, gentle and natural technique. The very low temperatures have a powerful effect while remaining «soft» because they produce a thermal shock. The combination of the light pressure and a temperature of -78°C, totally dry and comfortable, stimulates all skin receptors. The reaction will be an activation of the natural ressources.

Reduction of ignition zones to reduce oxidative stress.

Increased collagen fibers that stretch.

Action on elastic fibers that stiffen.

Activation of microcirculation under the vasomotor effect.

The skin is drained and toned.


The eye contour requires special care to clear dark circles, pockets and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Objective : Smooth and plump, increase tone, moisturize, loosen muscles.


Often hereditary, the bags under the eyes become stronger with age. The main cause of these bags is water retention associated with skin slackening.


Objective : Stimulate skin microcirculation to drain and decongest pockets related to water retention. Increase skin elasticity to smooth and tone.


Over time, the contours of the face are less sharp, less toned and less drawn.


Objective : Redesign a clean mandibular line. Tensor effect to tone and densify the skin at the oval level.



Cryosculpting : You will need eight treatments just 1 x per week.




Cryofacial with neck enhancement


Jawline & Neck enhancement


Acne on the back and shoulders


Acne on the face

Services and Prices are applicable to NGO(s), Social service sectors and for Demonstration purposes.

Discounts will apply based on my discretion on how many treatment areas we are treating, we are very generous with the cryogen.  

If you experience any skin irritation or blistering we are fully capable to triage and treat the areas for faster recovery, we will come to you every day and treat you accordingly so you are comfortable and heal quicker.  We will never ever leave you hanging, we are a full-service provider.


we strive to redefine your health and well-being. Our service thrives off the concept of our clients actually feeling great and living well. We rejuvenate health and happiness through cryotherapy, a unique yet highly beneficial treatment that enables people to perform their best.

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